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SMART: Waste Awareness Certificate (Construction)

8th May 2012

Full Day, Sussex

An introduction to better waste minimisation and waste management (Foundation Level). The course covers all of the waste issues of the standard Waste Awareness Course (WAC) and also includes focus points neccesary for the construction industry.

The Construction Waste Awareness Certificate is a one-day CIWM certificated course that ensures employees who handle construction waste understand the financial and environmental benefits, as well as the legal requirements, of best practice in construction waste management.

This course has been tailored to the construction/demolition industry where appropriate and includes additional material relating to the following topics:

• The construction waste chain and its influence on resources and wastes management
• Skip standards
• Site Waste Management Plans (introduction)
• Duty of Care
• Exemptions

Topics Covered:

• Introduction to Waste Awareness
• What is Waste?
• Waste Minimisation
• Waste Management (General and Hazardous Waste)
• Safety and Environmental Aspects
• Environmental Law and Waste
• Who can help?

Importance of waste management:

Waste is a resource you have paid for but didn’t use. The cost of disposal is rising fast and the landfill space available to take waste is dwindling. Learn about the trends, alternatives and the drivers of the many changes in waste minimisation and management. Know how to keep your company within the law and ahead of the competition.

Participants who pass the short multiple choice exam receive a CIWM certificate to demonstrate to customers, regulators, and auditors their knowledge and commitment to best practice in sustainable waste management.

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