Reducing my carbon footprint

Increasingly all sizes of businesses are taking simple steps to measure their carbon footprint and then look at how they can cut CO2 through cutting back energy, travel and raw material use. Many suppliers to major retailers like Tesco are being asked to provide carbon footprints for the products they supply, other large companies are looking at carbon accounting.

How we can help you

Free Construction Support

  • If you want to research sustainable build techniques, check out planning regulations on renewables , or just want to know about the issues surrounding sustainable build you can join the SMART programme and get up to 12 hours of free help from industry experts.  This support is completely free, supported through EU funding.

Free Business Support

  • If you would like to be provided with expert advice on the latest regulation, development and policies within the low and zero carbon industry you can join the FLASH Renewable Energy Network or FLASH Electrical Services Network to receive FREE business support and access to workshops, forums and networking events.

 Free Services

  • If you would like your business to reduce energy and utility costs and improve environmental performance, onsite energy reviews are able for free via EU funding through the Low Carbon Essentials programme.  A free and independent energy survey of your business premises will provide a comprehensive report detailing environmental saving and opportunities.
  • If you are thinking of introducing renewable technologies to your business but not sure on which are most suitable, a free renewable energy feasibility study will allow a one to one consultation at your business premises producing a bespoke feasibility report outlining observations and recommendations.  This service is available free of charge through EU funding via the Low Carbon Essentials project.

Free Workshops

  • If you would like to understand your utility bills and look for areas where savings can be made, Utilise – a one day utility management workshop will help identify the areas for savings through energy, water and waste management within your business.  This workshop is available free of charge through EU funding via the Low Carbon Essentials project.

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