Reducing my energy bills

Any business, no matter how small can cut their energy bills by 5-20% for little or no cost.  This can be achieved through simple switch off campaigns, better insulation, controls or by implementing energy saving equipment.  For a few companies renewable electricity or heat generation may also be valuable. Knowing how much energy you use is vital and monitoring either through checking meter readings or using simple wireless digital displays is an important part of cutting bills.

How we can help you

Free Construction Support

  • If you are in the building sector and want to know more about the legislation and financial incentives that the Government are putting in place to support sustainable construction the SMART programme can help.  SMART will be running a series of free workshops on Feed-in Tariffs, Part L regulation changes and government incentives on renewable heating.  These will be across the South East of England and will be free for all South East based small and medium sized businesses.

 Free Services

  • If you would like your business to reduce energy and utility costs and improve environmental performance, onsite energy reviews are able for free via EU funding through the Low Carbon Essentials programme.  A free and independent energy survey of your business premises will provide a comprehensive report detailing environmental saving and opportunities.

Free Workshops

  • If you would like to understand your utility bills and look for areas where savings can be made, Utilise – a one day utility management workshop will help identify the areas for savings through energy, water and waste management within your business.  This workshop is available free of charge through EU funding via the Low Carbon Essentials project.

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