Marketing my green credentials

More and more companies are being asked to demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials, both in the way they run their business and increasingly in the types of product and service they offer.  Only 27% of companies in the South East who had developed their eco-offer actually told their customers.  Marketing your green credentials is becoming an important part of the business reputation.

How we can help you

Free Construction Support

  • If you want to research sustainable build techniques, check out planning regulations on renewables , or just want to know about the issues surrounding sustainable build you can join the SMART programme and get up to 12 hours of free help from industry experts.  The support is completely free, supported through EU funding.

Free Business Opportunities

  • If you provide green technologies or services in the South East, you can register for free on ‘Green Chain’ and start reaching potential new customers.  This service is available free of charge through EU funding via the Low Carbon Essentials project.

Free self-certifying Environmental Management scheme

  • Are you being asked by potential customers to provide an environmental policy? Are you looking to put an environmental management system in place within your business?  STEM (Step to Environmental Management) is a free self-certifying scheme, available to SME’s based in the South East Region through the South East Business Carbon Hub.

Funding for Sustainable Construction

  • Visit one of our demonstration centres to see, touch and feel sustainable building materials and talk to local experts.  Funding may be available for travel and overnight accommodation expenses to visit one of the UK sites.

Free Eco-Design Support

  • If you are looking at how to redesign packaging, interested in understanding the impact of your packaging on the environment, WSX Enterprise can help you.

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