Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the partners involved in providing the Low Carbon Essentials service?

You can find out more about the partners involved with Low Carbon Essentials by visiting the ‘About Us’ section of the website.

How long is the Low Carbon Essentials funding available for?

Currently we have funding until December 2012.

How can I gain access to the supplier database?

Call one of the Low Carbon Essentials Advisers on: 08457 226655.

How can I find out if a networking event is taking place in my area?

Visit the ‘Events’ section of the website to see the full list of workshops, seminars and events taking place over the coming months.

What is an energy audit?

An ‘Energy Audit’ will provide you with an analysis of your annual energy, water and waste usage and consumption detailing how your business can save money.  This will include an on-site survey with full written report as well as advice on implementing an Environmental policy within your organisation.

I am eligible for the Low Carbon Essentials service, what do I do now?

Call our helpline on 08457 226655 to speak to one of our Low Carbon Advisers who will be able to guide you through the options available.

Will it cost me anything?

No the service is FREE.  Low Carbon Essentials is funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

How will I know which is the best option for me?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria the Low Carbon Advisers are available to discuss the options available and can advise on what will be most beneficial for your organisation.  Give them a call on: 08457 226655.

What if the current offers do not suit my needs?

You can still become part of the Low Carbon Essentials network which gives you access to the Advisers, newsletters via the website and you will remain on our database from which we will inform you of any new initiatives in the future that may suit you better.

What is a feasibility study?

A ‘feasibility study’ will provide you with robust recommendations and advice on how to facilitate progress towards the installation of viable renewable technologies.  This will include and on-site survey and full written report.

If I am a Low Carbon Essentials member, what are the benefits?

You will have access to the helpline where you will receive high quality, professional advice and support from one of our Low Carbon Advisers, have the opportunity to book a feasibility study or energy audit, network with likeminded companies, opportunities to attend free workshops and seminars as well as practical information that will be useful to your business.

I’m not sure if I am eligible for the Low Carbon Essentials service, how can I find out?

Use the ‘Eligibility Checker’ on the home page of the website or call 08457 226655.

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