Cross Cutting Themes

BSK-CiC takes responsibility to ensure that ‘Cross Cutting Themes’ are an integral part of the project and help to build the foundations around the delivery of the outputs and outcomes.

Equality of Opportunity – all beneficiaries (subject to eligibility) will have access to the services offered by the project regardless of gender; age; ethnicity; disability; sexual orientation; religion.

Environmental Sustainability – all project activity will encourage energy conservation; carbon neutrality; energy efficiency; waste minimalisation; create an intelligent ‘energy customer’.

 Examples of how we will achieve this are:

  • Encourage use of environmental policies by beneficiaries.
  • Implement Environmental best practice during the life of the project from inception to evaluation.
  • Achieve and prove a positive impact on the environment.
  • Locate events in disadvantaged areas where possible.
  • Produce information in a variety of languages.
  • Produce information to suit different learning styles.
  • Provision of crèche facilities.
  • Timing of events to be flexible to accommodate life / work balance eg breakfast events; evenings; weekends.
  • Venues to have access by public transport.

 For further information, please contact us on 08457 226655.

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