What is Low Carbon Essentials?

Low Carbon Essentials is a FREE, accessible service that can help businesses across the South East region find out how to reduce waste, save on energy bills and improve their carbon footprint.  All of which have a cost saving benefit.

What is the Low Carbon Essentials Service?

The Low Carbon Essentials Service is the access point to many appropriate, innovative offers available to small to medium sized businesses as well as being the link to other European funded projects within the South East region.  Being part of the Low Carbon Essentials network means, as a member, you are entitled (subject to eligibility) to access the full benefits.

Every member will have access to:

Low Carbon Advisers/Helpline – The Low Carbon Advisers will provide you with high quality professional advice and support then guide you to the most appropriate service that will be beneficial to your company.

Caroline Murdoch and Sally Sly are on hand to discuss all low carbon issues and how potentially making even the smallest changes can save your company money.

Supplier Database – Green Chain is an online directory of businesses supplying ‘green’ technologies and services in the South East.  Whether you are a company director or an employee, the listed businesses are able to help you save money on your bills whilst reducing the environmental impact of your buildings, vehicles and outdoor spaces.

Heat pumps, insulation, solar panels, biomass, rain water harvesting, voltage optimisation, green advice, low energy lighting and more… Technologies are supported with Buyers’ Guides which clearly explain each technology and what you need to know so you can feel confident about what could work best for you.

To find out more visit www.greenchain.org.uk and see how your company could benefit.

Other services available to members (subject to eligibility and individual requirements):

Feasibility Study – To help businesses save on their energy bills, benefit from latest government incentives as well as reduce their carbon footprint, The National Energy Foundation provides a free Renewable Technology Feasibility Study for the Low Carbon Essentials programme which includes:

  • Initial phone consultation
  • On-site survey and consultation
  • Feasibility Report
  • 6 month follow up

The onsite survey and consultation transfers our expert’s knowledge to the client and ensures that the information will help the business.  The final outcome of the study provides the client with robust recommendations and advice to facilitate confident progress towards installation of viable renewable technologies.

Energy Audit – A Low Carbon Environmental Review is designed to help your business reduce energy & utility costs and improve environmental performance.  The review process includes:

  • An analysis of your annual energy, water and waste bills and consumption
  • An on-site survey
  • A report with a prioritised action table, detailing environmental savings opportunities
  • Advice on environmental legislation relevant to your business

Potential business benefits from implementing the recommendations include:

  1. Cost savings straight off the bottom line
  2. Understand your energy, water and waste use
  3. Demonstrate good environmental management to your customers and stakeholder
  4. Future proof your business against utility price rises and shocks
  5. Better management of your environmental risks – increasing amounts of environmental legislation are impacting on business
  6. Helps your business make a positive contribution to a lower carbon economy

Networking –  There will be a number of networking events taking place across the region.  Low Carbon Essentials members are welcome to join one or more of these meetings where they will engage with likeminded managers who may provide the next ‘new business opportunity’.  There will also be guest speakers and discussions around topical subjects as well as the sharing of best practice amongst attendees.

Workshops –This programme is a one day utility management workshop that identifies areas for environmental improvements and cost savings for businesses.  It is interactive and explores utility billing and tariffs, gadgets and renewable, green marketing, waste management, environmental management systems and much more.  Utilise’ is being facilitated across the South East region.

For full details of how this workshop can save your business money visit www.utilise.org.uk.

Give a Low Carbon Essentials Adviser a call today to see how we can help your business reduce costs.

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